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Pure Tone Audiometry

Pure Tone Audiometry

Pure Tone Audiometry Test is the first steps towards evaluation of hearing loss undertaken in a sound treated room, wherein the patient is asked to wear a headphone and a bone conduction headband.

Impedance Audiometry / Tympanometry

Impedance Audiometry

Also called as Tympanometry, Impedance Audiometry is an objective method based on the measurement of the pressure in the middle ear, stapedius reflexes, and tension of the tympanic membrane.

Hearing Aid Fitting

Hearing Aid Fitting

We specialise in recommending the best suitable Hearing aid as per your hearing loss & provide fine tuning of Hearing Aid for All Brands with remote /online / inhouse support.

Hearing Aid Repair Services

Hearing Aid Repair & Services

We help our end users with best customization / recommendation and also help them in purchasing pocket friendly Hearing aid & provide the repairing services as well along with it.

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